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Limelight Networks File Lawsuit Against Akamai

Limelight Networks are one of the world’s leading CDN providers. With a high-speed content delivery network that spans the globe, Limelight Networks have attracted some of the biggest global Limelight Networks File Lawsuit Against Akamaibrands to use their content delivery network.

However, Limelight Networks are not the only popular CDN provider in the industry. Many other companies provide equally high-performance networks and comprehensive content delivery services, making the market incredibly competitive. Indeed, many new providers are entering the market every year with new and innovative products to help boost the delivery of online content and website speeds.

Limelight Networks Legal Action

Because of this competition, CDN providers must constantly innovate so that they can offer their customers new and exciting services that offer extra speed and reach for their content. Limelight Networks, like many other CDN providers, pride themselves on the quality of their technology. As such, they have developed countless new and unique content delivery network innovations, many of which are protected by comprehensive patents. However, such is the level of competition in the industry, Limelight Networks have announced that they have filed a lawsuit against to other high profile CDN providers – Akamai Networks and XO Communications – claiming they are infringing on 6 of Limelight’s patents. These patents involve a range of inventions that Limelight Networks claim are crucial to their content delivery network’s operations and their competitive advantage.

Speaking of the development, Bob Lento, chief executive officer of Limelight, said, “Akamai and XO Communications have been relying on our patented inventions to unfairly compete with us in a dynamic and growing marketplace. Their blatant disregard of our patent rights and the resulting harm to our business forced us to file these claims.

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