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Limelight Networks estimates game downloads at 30% of an Exabyte

Limelight Networks is one of the world’s leading content delivery network providers. With many big name customers, the CDN provider boats an impressive array of high performance content delivery network services and technologies.Limelight Networks estimates game downloads at 30% of an Exabyte

Given their expertise, Limelight Networks are well placed to identify trends in the CDN industry. The latest prediction by the company is that global game downloads for AAA titles is now accounting for around 30% of an Exabyte of data. That’s a huge amount, given that an Exabyte is one billion Gigabytes.

The main reasons for this is the increase in the digital delivery of software, with fewer publishers using physical media to get software to customers. When combined with the fact that many new games are between 15GB – 50GB in size, it’s easy to see how such large amounts of data can be delivered of a year.

Limelight Networks Content Delivery

“The high amount of gaming downloads at Christmas results in heavy internet traffic,

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