Limelight Networks CDN for MultiTV

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Limelight Networks CDN for MultiTV Limelight Networks Limelight Networks CDN for MultiTV limelight networksLimelight Networks offer their customers one of the best content delivery networks available on the planet. The CDN provider has developed a unique set of high performance CDN services and technologies that allow customers to deliver their data to end users quickly and efficiently.

Because of this, many world leading companies have selected the Limelight Networks CDN to accelerate their online presence, ranging from large multinational software companies to live and on demand video services.

Now, the latest company to leverage the Limelight Networks CDN is MultiTV. MultiTV is a leading provider of video streaming, on demand and live TV services in India, one of the emerging markets with amongst the fastest growth in internet use. They have chosen the Limelight Networks CDN and Orchestrate Platform to ensure a highly reliable, consistent and secure services for their many customers.

Limelight Networks Benefits

“Viewership in India is growing rapidly and there is complexity because of multiple devices, platforms and standards. At the same time, customers want world class reliability on a complex infrastructure at domestic price points,” said Vikash Samota, Founder of MultiTV. “With Limelight, we have a global partner with excellent quality, capability and reach to help meet consumer expectations. This allows us to focus on our business – content acquisition and customer service.”

“MultiTV is a pioneer in bringing next-generation OTT solutions to the fast-growing Indian market. To help develop this market, we’re determined to deploy our people, capabilities and capital at an accelerated pace,” said Sajid Malhotra, Chief Financial Officer at Limelight Networks. “After having doubled capacity in India last year, we expect to expand our capacity there this year by 5 to 10 times our 2016 capacity levels, and are prepared to assist and accelerate the adoption of CDN services in ways only we can.”

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