Limelight CDN Updates

Limelight CDN UpdatesLimelight CDN updates are often big news for their customers. Being one of the world’s largest and most respected content delivery network providers, any updates they make affect a huge number of their clients and end users around the world.

While content delivery networks have provided a huge boost to global internet traffic, they must constantly be maintained in order to meet the growing demand that is characteristic of the continually growing demand for internet services.

Content delivery networks work by storing identical copies of a website’s data on servers located around the world these servers, or points of presence (PoPs), are typically located in large global cities where internet traffic is at its highest. When an end user accesses a website or downloads a data file on a website powered by a content delivery network, they are routed to the PoPs geographically closest to them, ensuring that latency is kept low and bandwidth high.

Limelight CDN Updates Benefits

Now, the latest company to announce an update of their content delivery network is Limelight. These new Limelight CDN updates will see the company roll out an enhanced version of their EdgePrism OS operating system software across their entire network. This new software is highly optimised and will see their content delivery network capacity increase by more than 120%, with a particular focus on the delivery speed of online videos. Initial customer-provided real-world data shows a greater than 19% reduction in video sessions experiencing rebuffers.

“Even in emerging regions – where viewers rely on older mobile networks for video streaming – Limelight is helping customers achieve their most important business objectives by improving the quality of experience they deliver to their viewers,” said Steve Miller-Jones, senior director of product management at Limelight. “Our ongoing investments in our network and software are paying off, resulting in greater capacity, broader coverage, and increased network performance.”