Level 3 vs Akamai

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Level 3 vs Akamai – these are two of the world’s most reputable content delivery networks providers, and as such, give potential CDN customers some great reasons for picking them to accelerate their online data. That does, however, make the question of Level 3 vs Akamai a very difficult one to answer. Which CDN provider has the best network performance, or the most advanced technology? Who has the longest list of reputable clients using their services? In this short answer, we’ll try and answer these questions.

Level 3 vs Akamai: NetworkLevel 3 vs Akamai level 3 vs akamai Level 3 vs Akamai akamai cdn providers cdn blog

Level 3 have their very own backbone network that consists of over 64 points of presence across North and South America, the Middle East, Europe, Oceania and Asia. By utilising their own, home-grown network, Level 3 have an unprecedented level of control over their servers and the ability to resolve any problems than may arise.

Likewise, Akamai’s network has been built in house and has a truly global reach. With over 100,000 servers across 80 countries, their reach is slightly better than Level 3.

Level 3 vs Akamai: Customers

Level 3 have managed to attract some of the world’s biggest companies to use their content delivery network, including Fox, Netflix, Comcast, Microsoft and CNN.

Akamai, not to be outdone, also count some big names amongst their customers. They include the MetOffice, Altova, AirAsia, BBC, NPR, NetRatings, Philips, Qantas, Fiat, Slide, and Taleo.

Level 3 vs Akamai level 3 vs akamai Level 3 vs Akamai cdnfinder level32Level 3 vs Akamai: Technology

Built to facilitate easy scalability, the Level 3 CDN allows bandwidth demands to be met quickly and easily across the entire Level 3 network. This ensures that customers have the bandwidth they need at all times with no slow downs.

In order to deliver blistering performance, Akamai optimise their data delivery. By using TCP connection optimisation, pre-fetching and route optimisation, data travels across the Akamai network without slow downs.

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