Level 3 content delivery network accelerates Famobi games

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Level 3 content delivery network services are some of the most widely used and respected in the world. With a high performance content delivery network consisting of points of presence located Level 3 content delivery network accelerates Famobi games level 3 content delivery network Level 3 content delivery network accelerates Famobi games cdnfinder level32all around the globe, customers of the CDN can enjoy high speed data delivery to end users, no matter where they are located.

Given this reputation, it’s unsurprising that so many high profile companies around the world chose the Level 3 content delivery network for their data delivery needs. One such company that is a new Level 3 client is Famobi, a German HTML5 games distributor with a highly international focus. Online gaming in particular needs to take speed into account when it comes to data delivery. Not only must developers and distributors in the industry be able to send large install files across the internet, but they must also ensures the lowest of latency if their users are to play together online. Because of this, Fanobi needed a high performance, low latency content delivery network providers for their needs, and the Level 3 content delivery network fitted the bill perfectly.

Level 3 Content Delivery Network Gaming Performance

Speaking of the development, Ilker Aydin, CEO at Famobi, said that “since we’ve been using Level 3 content delivery network services, gamers come back even more frequently, as the experience is excellent. This benefits us as a growing company, because repeat visits increase the page impressions and ultimately our revenue. The Level 3 storage solution saves us money on hardware and administration while giving us the peace of mind of knowing we can scale up as our needs change.”

Part of Fanobi’s decision to use Level 3 rests with the CDN provider’s understanding of the market. Gerald Rubant, director of sales, Enterprise Business for Germany, Austria & Switzerland at Level 3 is particularly knowledgeable, saying that “network service quality makes all the difference in helping our customers grow their business efficiently. For online gamers, the speedy delivery of games is critical. Interruptions and jittery content delivery will stop them from coming back to a site. Level 3 offers solutions that provide smooth, fast and uninterrupted game play.”

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