Level 3 CDN for El Comercio

Level 3 CDN services are amongst the most comprehensive and high performing on the market. With various cloud services Level 3 CDN for El Comercioand scalable content delivery network solutions available to customers, the CDN provider offers a web performance technology for a plethora of end user needs.

Because of the the Level 2 CDN reputation for speed and reliability, El Comercio, an Ecuador based popular daily newspaper, is now leveraging the content delivery network to optimise and accelerate the data they deliver to their readers via their website.

Why Leverage the Level 3 CDN?

The decision to use the Level 3 CDN was based on a need to supply their millions of daily visitors with high quality video and media content cost effectively and with the lowest possible latency. Furthermore, El Comercio are also taking advantage of the Level 3 CDN Security Suite to ensure their data is kept secure against malicious attacks.

Speaking of the deal, Hernando González, Chief Information Officer of El Comercio said “implementing CDN had a significant impact in our organization, from changing our IT internal architecture to decreasing maintenance and IT staff costs; it enabled streamlining of our website performance. The main benefits of having a CDN are improvement of website response times and customer experience, data protection, reduced bandwidth consumption and cost.