Google CDN and Akamai Competitor Quietly Launched

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Google CDN services and website acceleration provisions have been changing rapidly over the past year. Having closed their Google CDN and Akamai Competitor Quietly Launched Google CDN Google CDN and Akamai Competitor Quietly Launched logo 420 color 2xPageSpeed service in August of this year, Google went on to partner with many high profile content delivery network providers to offer a CDN Interconnect service. The CDN providers included CloudFlare, Fastly, Level 3 and Highwinds, and the Google CDN Interconnect service aimed to provide a cheap and high performance way for developers who run applications on their cloud service to work with one of these CDN providers.

Google CDN Benefits

Now, an in-house Google CDN has been quietly rolled out. Known as the Google Cloud CDN service, the project is in an early stage alpha release and is accepting applications from people who are willing to try out the service. The Google CDN service is aimed mainly at freelance developers looking to provide their apps with much needed bursts of speed. However it is limited to certain geographies, with additional locations being added as the service becomes more widely available.

In a release statement, Google explained that the “Google Cloud CDN uses Google’s globally distributed edge caches to cache HTTP(S) Load Balanced content close to your users. Caching content at the edges of Google’s network provides faster delivery of content to your users while reducing the load on your servers.

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