Fastly vs CDNetworks

Fastly vs CDNetworks – which CDN provider offers customers the best content delivery network services and most impressive performance? Both providers are undoubtedly a good choice for potential CDN customers. This is obvious, thanks to the large numbers of reputable companies that rely on both Fastly and CDNetworks to accelerate their online data. However, both companies offer different types of services and technology, making the question Fastly vs CDNetworks very difficult to answer.

In this short article, we’ll look at the key differences between Fastly and CDNetworks as we seek to find which CDN provider offers the best services for your exact needs.

Fastly vs CDNetworks: NetworkFastly vs CDNetworks

As you might expect from world leading content delivery network providers, both Fastly and CDNetworks have comprehensive network coverage. The Fastly CDN makes use of 22 points of presence (PoPs) in many of the world’s largest cities and key points that experience high levels of traffic. In addition to this, there are a further 8 PoPs under construction.

CDNetworks, on the other hand, has over 161 PoPs across 99 cities worldwide, giving them a considerable advantage in global content delivery, They also claim to be able to delivery websites and web applications to 99% of the world within milliseconds.

Fastly vs CDNetworks: Customers

Both Fastly and CDNetowrks have many big name customers. Fastly’s list of users includes Foursquare, Stripe, The Guardian,, Inc, Etsy, Kayak and GitHub.

CDNetworks’ strong customer list includes River Island, Golfweek, The Huffington Post,, Jimdo, TuneUp and RailEurope.

Fastly vs CDNetworksFastly vs CDNetworks: Technology

The most exciting aspect of Fastly’s CDN is their use of solid-state hard drive (SSD) technology. This allows data to be retrieved form servers much more quickly that can be achieved with traditional mechanical hard drives. As all of Fastly’s servers use SSDs, all customers benefit from this high-speed data transmission.

CDNetworks’ content delivery network makes use of technology such as content acceleration SSL, content targeting and blocking and an automated purge tool. This tool purges existing CDN content as it is updated.