Fastly content delivery network partnership for Google

Fastly content delivery network customers benefit from a raft of great technologies that are on offer from the CDN provider. These technologies include the use of high speed SSDs, which result in lightning fast CDN performance. As such, plenty of companies choose to use the Fastly content delivery network to accelerate their online data. Now, Google has partnered with Fastly and will rely on them to offer CDN services to developers who use the Google cloud service to run applications.

Unlike some of its competitors, Google doesn’t own a dedicated content delivery network. It is because of this that they have set up CDN Interconnect, a tool which allows them to partner with Fastly content delivery networkCloudFlare, Highwinds and Level 3 Communications, along with the Fastly content delivery network, in order to provide CDN services.

Fastly Content delivery network advantages

Ofir Roval, product manager of the Google Cloud Platform, was excited about the development and partnership with the Fastly content delivery network, stating in a blog post that “as payload size and media quality increase, users continue to expect low latency access to their favourite content. Whether it’s a real time plot of ride-sharing cars on your phone, a photo-rich app, or streaming HD music or video from the cloud, abundant choice in great services today makes users unlikely to tolerate lagging or unresponsive applications. CDN Interconnect’s special egress pricing should encourage the best practice of regularly distributing content originating from Cloud Platform out to the edge close to your end-users.