Ecommerce CDN for Showroomprivé

Ecommerce CDN for ShowroomprivéEcommerce CDN users benefits greatly from content delivery networks. As companies that sell online are prone to users ditching their online shopping baskets if a website responds too slowly, it is vital that they have a high performance site and basket that encourages users to stay online and complete their purchases.

As such the benefits of an ecommerce CDN are huge for online stores, meaning most of the world’s most popular online shops take advantage of a high performance content delivery network.

Now, the latest store with an online presence to take advantage of an ecommerce CDN is Showroomprivé. They required a content delivery network that can cope with the many flash sales the company conducts every month, leading to huge increases in traffic to their site. Given the need for the best performance and coverage for their operations in Europe, Showroomprivé has selected Limelight Networks for the ecommerce CDN. Of specific use to Showroomprivé is Limelight’s exclusive SmartPurge feature. This makes it possible to quickly change out entire catalogs of 2,000-4,000 products each week in just seconds.

Ecommerce CDN Benefits

“My top priority is to make sure shoppers can make purchases whenever and wherever they want and that they always have an excellent online experience,” said Frédéric Delalé, Chief Information Officer at Showroomprivé. “Limelight supports our expansion into new countries, always provides great customer service, and can handle major spikes in traffic during peak sales times.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s during the holidays when shopping hits new highs or everyday shopping, consumers expect fast and reliable e-commerce experiences,” said Franck Chevalier, Director of Solutions Engineers, EMEA at Limelight. “This is especially true for Showroomprivé. Their customers are highly knowledgeable of the products they’re looking for on and want to quickly make their purchases without any glitch. Having fast performance is vital for their customer conversion and for driving revenue.”