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Cyber-attacks and DDoS threats are on the rise

One of the biggest concerns for website owners is security. From hacking to DDoS Cyber attacks, it is something all companies must take into account, providing mitigation technologies where possible.

Akamai Technologies regularly measure the number of cyber-attacks that take place around the globe, and their figures for the third quarter of 2013 paint a stark picture. They noted that cyber-attacks originated from 185 countries or regions – up from 175 on the previous quarter. The top five countries were:

-       China (35% of attacks)

-       Indonesia (20%)

-       USA (11%)

-       Taiwan

-       Russia

The most common type of attack recorded was the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. David Beson, one of employees working on the studied, noted that many of “these countries have large numbers of compromised computers that are being used to originate malicious traffic

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