Content Delivery Network by Telia for Tieto

Content Delivery Network by Telia for TietoContent delivery network providers offer their customers a great array of services to help them boost the performance of their websites and general content delivery. From static data, such as large software and video files, to dynamic data such as that served by social networks, leveraging a content delivery network can help companies with an online presence to accelerate their data and help keep end user satisfaction high.

This is why more and more companies are seeking a high performance content delivery network provider that best suits their needs. Now, the latest company to purchase a CDN solution is Tieto, an eCommerce company. They are taking advantage of the content delivery network solution offered by Telia, a Sweden-based CDN provider. By using the Telia CDN, Tieto will be able to serve their data to end users much more quickly, boosting customer satisfaction and providing a footing to gain new market share.

Content Delivery Network Benefits

”Load times cost money, not just in terms of fewer visitors and lower conversion rates but also in terms of brand value. With a CDN service, we can deliver a faster and more reliable shopping experience globally”, says Helena Berg-Christiansen, Channel Partner Manager, Telia Company.

”E-retailers can gain a competitive edge by optimising the shopping experience based on data-driven insights about their visitors. By accelerating a digital store through scalable and flexible cloud solutions companies do not need to invest in its infrastructure, which can lead to significant savings, says Helena Berg-Christiansen.

She went on to say that ”Tieto offers a broad portfolio of IT services to customers all over the Nordics, where CDN fits in well as a part of the overall ecosystem. With Tieto as partner we can reach customers who want an easy way to improve their eCommerce through one single provider”.