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Content delivery network services announced by CtrlS

Content delivery network demand is at an all-time high as companies seek to boost their websites’ performance and increase the traffic they receive. As such, there has never been a greater breadth of choice for organisations looking for their ideal CDN provider.

Now, CtrlS Datacenters are entering the CDN provider fray with a new selection of state-of-the-art content delivery network ctrls cdn content delivery networkservices. CtrlS is based in India and is Asia-Pacific’s largest tier-4 data center provider and have a great deal of experience providing services to this growing market. Their new content delivery network will consist of 170 points of presence spread across Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Europe and the Middle-East and North Africa. This will ensure high speed content delivery for customers all across the globe.

Content Delivery Network Advantages

The focus of CtrlS’ new content delivery network will be both static and dynamic content, including computer software, video games and other online objects. Their servers are designed to address premium needs, with fast response times and high bandwidth. By utilizing their own tier-4 data centers, CtrlS are able to remove the middle-mile connectivity problems, such as congestion and packet loss, experienced by many other CDN providers.

"Our business-class CDN hosting services guarantee low latency and faster content delivery for large enterprises through large number of efficient global PoPs," said Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, CtrlS. He adds, "Our CDN services are highly secure as it provides content protection through advanced access controls. We are confident that large enterprises, e-commerce and web-based organizations can deliver more value to their end customers through business-class content delivery network." He concludes, "We are confident that our CDN based on 3SA model - speed, scalability, security and availability shall bring in the much desired end-user delight, indeed that's our ultimate goal."

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