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The Instart Logic service is the first cloud application delivery service in the world to extend beyond the limited backend-only cloud architectures of the past with an innovative new intelligent client-cloud platform delivered as a service. This new approach is based on software-defined architecture rather than hardware and network scale.

Software-Defined Application Delivery (SDAD) is an architectural approach that decouples the hardware and network from the software used to deliver applications. The controller software that enables a software-defined application delivery system provides policy management and orchestration of feature options like streaming, de-duplicating, transcoding, re-sizing and caching.

Software-defined application delivery relies on the virtualization of applications in the web browser to provide fine grained, on-the-fly control of application components that can be orchestrated in a holistic, end-to-end manner, instead of FEO (Front End Optimization technologies) and other brittle, source code rewriting-based techniques.

This is vitally important for personalised applications where application content is specific to the end user and programmatically determined at run time.


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