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Rating: 4 Founded: 1998 Revenues: Not disclosed Employees:≈ 500 Support: 24/7/365 SLA: 99.99% Availability Terms: 12 Months Min. Cost: From $1000/mo

North America: Ashburn (VA) – Chicago (IL) – Dallas (TX) – Los Angeles (CA) – Miami (FL) – New York (NY) – San Jose (CA) – Seattle (WA)

Europe: London (United Kingdom) –  Frankfurt (Germany) – Paris (France)

APAC: Honk Kong – Jakarta (Indonesia) – Kaohsiung (Taiwan) –  Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Mongolia –  Philippines – Seoul (South Korea) –  Singapore –  Taipei (Taiwan)  – Thailand, Tokyo (Japan) – Vietnam.

China: ChinaCache’s content delivery network covers over 120 cities throughout China with over 650 nodes and 40,000 servers. They are 15x larger in both capacity and reach compared to all other global content delivery network providers in China combined

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ChinaCache is the leading CDN in China and the first company to have received a permit from the Ministry of Information Industry to carry out CDN services. As such, it has the ability to reach a vast quantity of people throughout Asia, and so benefits those with a large customer base in the area.

With a 53% market share in China and peering connections with Asia’s largest network operators, including China Mobile, Cernet, China Unicom and China Telecom, they are the ideal company for those looking to grow their business into Asia. Given Asia’s, and especially China’s, status as a high growth internet market, ChinaCache’s expertise could prove to be a highly beneficial asset for east facing companies.

While there are obvious benefits to potential customers looking to expand eastward, ChinaCache also utilise a modern, high-speed fibre optic network with links to the United States, allowing fast intercontinental access around the globe.

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