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Rating: 4.5 Founded: 2008 Revenues: Not Disclosed Employees:≈ 10 Support: 24/7/365 SLA: 100% Availability Terms: Monthly Rolling Min. Cost: From $9/mo

North America: Ashburn (2) – Atlanta – Chicago (3) – Dallas (2) – Los Angeles (7) – Miami (2) – New York (3) – Newark – Phoenix – San Jose (4), Seattle (2) – Tustin

Europe: Amsterdam (6) – Brussels – Frankfurt – London (2) – Madrid – Paris – Stockholm

Asia: Tokyo – Seoul – Manila – Singapore

South America: Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo (4)

Oceania: Sydney

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Greatest reliability & Performance is a next-generation Content Delivery Network, built from the ground up to offer greater global speed, automation, real time reports and implementation.

At CDNworld, the mission is simple: To provide the best possible online experience for today’s businesses and the users they serve.

A Pay-As-You-Go Content Delivery Network with 53+ points of presence around the world (incl. 5 in South America), cutting-edge densely provisioned RAM and SSD storage capacity. accelerates 1000’s of websites in Europe, US, South America and Asia while keeping them secure and stable at lowest cost.


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