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Rating: 4 Founded: 2005 Revenues: Not disclosed Employees:≈ 75 Support: 24/7/365 SLA: 100% on availability Terms: Monthly Rolling Min. Cost: $50/mo

North America: Atlanta – Chicago – Dallas – La Paz – Los Angeles – Miami – Montreal – New York – San Jose – Sao Paulo – Seattle – Toronto – Washington DC

Europe: Amsterdam – Bucharest – Doha – Frankfurt – Helsinki – Istanbul – Lisbon – London – Madrid – Milan – Paris – Prague – Stockholm – Tel Aviv – Vienna – Warsaw – Zurich

Africa: Johannesburg

South America: La Paz – Sao Paulo

Asia: Bangkok – Hong Kong – Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur – Mumbai – Singapore – Tokyo

Oceania: Melbourne – Perth – Sydney

Russia: Moscow

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CacheFly changed the game of CDN when they pioneered the world’s first Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Anycast based CDN, in 2002, which differs from conventional web hosting solutions by offloading the amount of traffic that is typically routed from the content provider’s single-location hosting infrastructure.

TCP Anycast routing reduces latency and provides a more stable and reliable method for files to be routed to the nearest server (or group of servers) – closer to website visitors, which results in superior content delivery.

CacheFly’s servers are strategically spread worldwide near the Internet’s major peering points, with over 30 Points of Presence (PoPs) that connect to these networks. The locations of these PoPs enable content owners to place their content closer to their audience of end-users, resulting in faster, more efficient and reliable delivery of rich media content.

Robust reporting and analytics that allow you access to real-time information on server performance, bandwidth usage and user demographics. A 4-step setup requires no complex configuration information.

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