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Rating: 3.5 Founded: 2009 Revenues: Not disclosed Employees:≈ 10 Support: 24/7 SLA: 100% Availability Terms: 3 Months Min. Cost: From $100/mo

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North America: New York

Europe: Amsterdam – Berlin – Frankfurt – London – Munich – Nuremburg – Strasbourg – Vienna – Zurich

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3Q Medien GmbH offers streaming solutions designed and developed in a single privately owned platform based on proprietary software modules. Each module can be easily customised and integrated into existing system landscapes. As a customer, you only use and pay for needed modules or services tailored to your business models.

The system is optimised to distribute content through the best path (best-path routing) efficiently to all users based on AnyCast. Allowing 3Q to provide an optimal load network distribution and high availability of your content with the lowest latency.


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