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Content Delivery Network Performance Improvements for Imperva

Content Delivery Network Performance Improvements for ImpervaContent delivery network performance is a vital aspect that potential CDN customers look at when selecting the ideal content delivery network provider for the needs. By offering customers a high performance CDN solution, along with a large number of content delivery network solutions, such as static and dynamic delivery, DDoS mitigation and mobile optimisations, content delivery network providers stand the best chance of attracting a large base of clients.

Because of this, it is important for content delivery network providers, such as Akamai and Level 3, to ensure that they constantly upgrade their network infrastructure to provide the best content delivery network performance possible, taking advantage of new technologies and potential new locations for servers and points of presence (PoPs).

Content Delivery Network Performance Advantages

The latest CDN provider to take steps to improve their content delivery network performance is Imperva. Imperva, based in Redwood Shores, California, has created the Incapsula Content Delivery Network. They have added many enhancements to improve overall CDN performance. These improvements include the development of new CDN technologies including a new cache storage layer, rapid content switching, bot traffic management and improved availability. The purpose of these improvement is to increase the amount of content delivered directly from high-speed cache thus enhancing website visitors’ experience while reducing the load on website owners’ servers.

Speaking of the developments to the Incapsula Content Delivery Network, Eldad Chai, vice president of products for the Incapsula service at Imperva said “our clients are increasingly looking for ways to improve site performance while decreasing server load and bandwidth costs, and our new cache architecture provides an opportunity for impressive performance improvements. Combining our client classification technology with new application delivery rules gives our customers more control over their traffic and allows them to move more of their delivery logic to the edge where it belongs.”

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