Content Delivery Network from Internap Powers Tulix Systems

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Content delivery network customers are constantly on the lookout for the CDN providers that best meet their online content delivery needs. With a broad range on content delivery Content Delivery Network from Internap Powers Tulix Systems content delivery network Content Delivery Network from Internap Powers Tulix Systems internap logonetwork providers available, and each offering a diverse array of services and content delivery optimisations, it can be very difficult for potential CDN customers to make a decision in this extremely competitive market.

Tulix Systems, a premier global video delivery company, has become the latest high profile company to announce that they are leverage a content delivery network provider to boost the performance of their services for end users. They have selected the content delivery network provider Internap. Offering a wide range of services, including live and on-demand video streaming, Tulix will benefit greatly from Internap’s MIRO Controller technology.

Content Delivery Network Benefits

Speaking of the developments, George Bokuchava, co-founder, CEO and president at Tulix, said “the continued rise of cord cutting and the popularity of on-demand web video streaming is placing significant new capacity demands on the networks that deliver those services. Internap’s MIRO technology allows us to more easily accommodate those demands, managing even the heaviest of traffic automatically and intelligently, ensuring that viewers everywhere can enjoy full-quality content at any time of day, without experiencing latency or jitter.”

Steve Orchard, senior vice president and general manager of data centre and network services at Internap, went on to say “companies like Tulix, which rely on complex, multi-homed networks to deliver performance-sensitive services, are the ideal fit for Internap’s MIRO Controller. Organizations delivering video services cannot tolerate even the slightest lag or interruption, and with MIRO Controller, the network becomes a significant advantage for Tulix, helping it continue to prioritize the end-user experience above all else.”

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