Support Procedure

If you have an issue with the purchased CDN service or require help with an account configuration or have a technical enquiry, please create a ticket with our support department from our Client Area by following the below procedure:

For account configuration or technical enquiries, include the following information in the ticket:

  1. Describe the desired account configuration with examples
  2. List any technical question with examples

For service issues, Severity 1 and 2 Incidents, include the following information in the ticket:

  1. Issue description with a screenshot if possible
  2. Affected device and network type
  3. Time issue initiated
  4. Time issue stopped
  5. IP address of the user facing the issue
  6. Location of the user facing the issue
  7. Traceroute result
  8. Ping result

Our support staff handles general support queries as well as queries related to account configuration. We refer all other queries to selected CDN provider support team. Our support services are offered during Business Days and Business Hours for general enquiries and account information. CDN provider’ support is offered based on 24/7/365 support for Severity 1 and 2 Incidents only.

The average response times to support queries are mentioned below.

(i) Severity 1 Incidents within 4 hours;
(ii) Severity 2 Incidents within the same Business Day; and
(iii) All other Incidents by the next Business day.

Following definitions apply:

  • “Business Days” means Monday through Friday, excluding any day that is simultaneously a UK banking holiday;
  • “Business Hours” means 8AM-6PM during a Business Day in London, United Kingdom;
  • “Incident” means an occurrence during which your use of the services provided through the Website (hereinafter, referred to as the “Services”) is adversely impacted;
  • “Severity 1 Incident” means an incident resulting in a major service outage requiring the user to redirect all traffic from the purchased CDN service through us to another CDN; and
  • “Severity 2 Incident” means an incident resulting in minor or intermittent outage not requiring the user to redirect traffic to another CDN.

For an additional fee, we offer a higher level of support through our custom support plan that can be customized to suit your technical and business needs. For more information on the customer support plan, please log in to our Client Area and create a ticket with our sales department and one of our sales specialists will contact you back accordingly.

Thank you for choosing us.