How to make a traceroute on Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux OS

The traceroute order distinguishes each identifies IP bundles go up against the route from your PC to another site or server. Playing out a traceroute summon can be valuable for deciding whether arrange issues are causing association issues for you as should be obvious precisely where the IP bundle halted.

Windows OS

Click on start button

2. Go  to Run

3. Type “cmd” without quotes in the box to open the command prompt

4. Type “tracert” without quotes, replacing with whatever server or site you want to traceroute.

Mac OS

1. Open Utilities. This can be found on the desktop header, under the “Go” drop menu. You can likewise get to it by utilizing the console alternate route Up, Command and U.

2. Open up the Terminal (also known as the command line.)

3. Type “traceroute”

4. Review the traceroute results


Linux OS

 Open the terminal (RXVT, gnome-terminal, kterm)

2. Type “traceroute”

4. Review the traceroute results