CDN Models

Mapping website/application can be mapped to more than one CDN configuration or more than one application can be mapped to a single CDN configuration.

The rules that should be followed to work out which CDN model to use as best practice are:

  • Does the website/application share the same Origin Server as another application?
  • Does the website/application share the same requirements (What type of CDN product is required)?
  • Does the CDN custom configuration match what is required for the new website/application?

Below are a set of diagrams (Diagram 4) that describes the relationship for each model.
Note: Understand that the models below are based on relationships between the End User (Application) and the Proxy Server (CDN). These models do not change if there are more than one Origin Server (hosting server) behind the CDN. If there is more than one Origin Server, the CDN can be configured to handle requests as required. There is no need to have more than one configuration if there is more than one Origin.
Diagram 4: All Relationship Models