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Content Delivery Network Expansion for Exceda

content delivery networkContent delivery network providers are always on the lookout for new ways to provide their customers with the best performance and most comprehensive services available. This can be in the form of either implementing new technologies, such as improved caching and compression technology, or through the expansion of their global networks.

The latest content delivery network provider to improve their network is Exceda, a Brazilian-based provider of CDN services. They will be expanding to incorporate multiple CDN partners to offer the XCDN content delivery network to a global audience.

Currently centered on the Americas, Exceda will now be available around the globe from July 1st, 2017, thanks to these new partnerships. This will enable users to access fast and reliable web performance enhancements for as little as USD $.05/GB of delivered traffic.


Content Delivery Network Expansion Benefits

"We are proud to have created a world-class service that makes it extremely fast and easy for customers to get onboard and deliver their sites to users everywhere. The expansion of XCDN to the world stage based on a multi-CDN strategy enables Exceda to offer high-powered and cost-effective CDN services to customers everywhere in the world," says Exceda co-founder Claudio Marinho.

"Simplicity is at the heart of XCDN. Customers pay a flat rate for traffic delivered anywhere in the world, starting at USD $.08 per gigabyte (GB) and going as low as USD $.05/GB for higher traffic volumes. We believe that XCDN will be extremely attractive to small businesses throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa who will be able deliver their sites via XCDN starting in July," according to Exceda's Chief Technology Officer, Terry Drozdowski. "Anyone in the world with a website and a credit card will be able to accelerate and protect their website's performance."

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