Content delivery network by ChinaCache for CreditEase

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Content delivery network providers are all grappling to take a share of the lucrative Chinese market. With so many new and exciting companies emerging from this economic powerhouse, it makes sense, as these new companies are all looking to make the most of their web presence. This is where CDN providers come in, as their website and content acceleration technologies can help organisations boost their online presence and performance and attract a large swathe of customers from all over the world.

Content Delivery Network Benefits

ChinaCache is a content delivery network provider which dominates the Chinese market. As such, they have been making many content delivery network content delivery network Content delivery network by ChinaCache for CreditEase ChinaCache cdnfinder cdn bloghigh profile deals with some of China’s largest companies. The latest company to leverage ChinaCache’s content delivery network is CreditEase, a Chinese national wealth management pioneer. They are now utilizing the comprehensive ChinaCache network to improve their website acceleration, stability and security. Since implementing the ChinaCache content delivery network, CreditEase have experienced a dramatic drop in their bandwidth and labour costs.

“With ChinaCache’s unparalleled support,, CreditEase’s Internet finance platform, has achieved over three million active registered users and an accumulative loan transaction amount exceeding RMB 3 billion as of January 2015,” said Mr. Wang Song, founder, chairman and CEO of ChinaCache. “Yidingying, the intelligent investment and financing app of, has also benefited from our advanced technologies to achieve a single-month transaction of over RMB 100 million after only five months of its launch.”

“ChinaCache has abundant experience working with national financial institutions, including ICBC and other enterprise customers. Our leading enterprise solutions are customized to fit our customers’ business models and needs, while ensuring the predictability of a high-performance enterprise network, enhancing its productivity, and reducing operational cost through advanced WAN optimization services. With ChinaCache’s 24/7 professional CDN expertise, enterprise employees can access applications, cloud and all other services site-to-site with ultimate convenience.”

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