Comcast CDN Partners with DLVR

Comcast CDN Partners with DLVRComcast CDN services are becoming more and more popular as the company develops its platform and forges new partnerships to help build on its already high performance technology. With many high profile customers around the world, the Comcast CDN is starting to rival companies such as Akamai and Level 3 when it comes to the reach and performance of their content delivery network.

Now, in a bid to further strengthen their content delivery network performance and expand its array of CDN services, the Comcast CDN is partnering with the Phoenix-based content delivery optimisation specialists DVLR. The services offered by DVLR will help boost the performance of the Comcast CDN by allowing it to utilise real time content delivery network switching and quality of experience (QoE) analytics.

The real time content delivery network switching technology is ideal for customers looking to leverage a multi CDN environment, and allows them to take advantage of many CDN providers, including the Comcast CDN, seamlessly. It will intelligently shift data delivery to different CDNs depending on demand and end user location. This generally helps improve content delivery performance for the customer.

Comcast CDN and DVLR Partnership Benefits

“With DLVR’s granular, real time request routing, each of our CDNs perform at a very high level, giving us the best possible user experience for every video request,” said Michael Dale, VP  of engineering at Crunchyroll, in a statement.

“Consumers today maintain incredibly high expectations when it comes to video content delivery—they want it at lightning fast speeds and the ability to access it whenever they want, on whatever device,” added Bart Spriester, general manager at Comcast Technology Solutions. “The Comcast CDN provides our partners with the flexible and reliable delivery platform they need to satisfy their consumers’ expectations and support their business’ expanding needs. In partnership with DLVR, we are better able to ensure that these needs are consistently met.”