ChinaCache CDN Launches on AWS Marketplace

ChinaCache CDN Launches on AWS MarketplaceChinaCache CDN services are amongst the best performing content delivery network technologies available in the competitive CDN market – especially if you’re looking to accelerate your online data in China.

The ChinaCache CDN benefits from being the first content delivery network provider to obtain a nationwide operating permit to provide content and application delivery services across China from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As such, they are the go-to CDN for companies with an online presence in China.

ChinaCache CDN Benefits

In a bid to improve their service, ChinaCache has now launched a CDN service on the AWS Marketplace. The ChinaCache CDN for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a customer self-service solution that seamlessly integrates on AWS, providing AWS Marketplace users access to business and consumers within mainland China to deliver static digital content.

This is a particularly important move, given the fast pace of internet usage growth amongst China’s growing middle class.

According to a 2016 study commissioned by McKinsey & Company, the number of Chinese middle-class internet users is expanding rapidly. Their report speculates that 76 percent of China’s urban population, predicted to begin excess of 550 million people, will be considered “middle class” by 2022. In addition, the Boston Consulting Group found “Chinese consumption” of consumable goods is expected to grow 9 percent per year through 2020.

“The tremendous growth opportunity within the Chinese middle class has become a true focal point for most global businesses today. Yet, accessing this market with its 772-million Internet users has proven to be an even greater challenge for foreign companies due to complex Chinese government regulations and Internet infrastructure roadblocks” said Luis Curet, General Manager of ChinaCache North America. “By being able to access ChinaCache CDN on AWS Marketplace, customers now have a single point of access for entry into Mainland China and can deliver their content into this market segment.”