China CDN Expansion for VideoShip

China CDN Expansion for VideoShipChina CDN expansion is often a difficult process, as content delivery providers need special permissions to operate in the country. Few CDN companies operate in the country, with ChinaCache being one of the most popular content delivery network providers.

Now, VideoShip have announced they will be embarking on a China CDN expansion, making their Ring7 FastTrack service available in the country. The service combines VideoShip’s secure end-to-end CDN technology with CNLive’s direct in-country ISP connectivity and official license for content approval, allowing them to operate in the country. Established in 2004 in Ottawa, the company will now have a unique position in the Chinese CDN market.

China CDN Expansion

Colin Grimes, VP Business Development of VideoShip Enterprise stated, “We announced our strategic partnership with CNLive, one of the largest media companies in China, for the Ring7 FastTrack service earlier this year at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas in response to the new Chinese Great Firewall regulations that went into effect in April. We have had good initial interest in the service with over 45 end-users already connected in China and we are pleased to be able to launch the service and make it commercially available globally starting today.”

Tom Grimes, CEO and Founder of VideoShip added, “We are sending a team to NATPE International in Budapest this week to meet with rights holders, syndicated media distributors and potential distribution partners who are interested in accessing the Chinese market, one of the largest and fastest growing markets for media in the world. In addition to meeting with Tier 1 users, we are particularly interested in meeting 2nd and 3rd Tier organizations who want a convenient and easy to use “drag and drop” type service and do not want to bother with the costs, delays and bureaucracy of leasing private line services and getting qualified on their own for program content distribution in or out of China.”