CDN77 expands its already strong presence in Turkey

CDN77 expands

Ever since CDN77 Content Delivery Network has launched its POP in Ankara, there has been a steadily increasing interest in data transfers from Turkey. The 16-core, 64GB RAM machine has been doing its job and it wasn’t long before the Ankara peaks started to attack 2Gbps.

To comply with the demand, CDN77 expands has decided to deploy a new location in Turkey. New POP in Istanbul did not rest unused for long and it already serves almost 1Gbps of traffic in peaks.

Combined, their two Turkish servers take care of peaks of almost 3Gbps, serving up to 50 million requests per day. Same as in all other locations, the servers use SSD drives only to be able to serve every request stunningly fast.

With 80 million consumers in Turkey the Content Delivery Network market is ready to continue its growth. In the last 5 years, data traffic volume of the companies in Turkey increased about 200 times. This significant growth is primarily driven by mobile data, fiber data and mobile services. As an example we can point out Turkcell, one of the fastest growing telecom companies in Europe.

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