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CDN Video Performance Increase for Vectra

CDN Video Performance Increase for VectraCDN video is an increasingly important service that content delivery network providers, such as CDNetworks and Akamai, are offering their customers. As more and more people access video online, via sites such as Netflix, Vimeo and YouTube, the strain on global networks also increase thanks to the bandwidth heavy nature of online video.

As such, more and more video providers and telecoms operators are looking to CDN video service to help boost their delivery performance. One such telecoms company is Vectra, Poland’s second largest cable and telecommunications operator. They have announced that they will be leveraging the CDN provider Concurrent’s UpShift CDN video delivery technology to help boost the performance of their video-on-demand services. The benefits of this deal, such as increased storage and server capacity, will be felt by Vectra’ current subscribers immediately.

CDN Video Performance Benefits

"Concurrent's UpShift CDN enabled us to centralize our content storage, reduce the number of sites that we maintain, and keep streaming at the edge of the network where it is most efficient," said Bartłomiej Irzyński, CTO at Vectra. "With the new system in place, we can scale our content library more cost effectively and offer more choice to our customers, while at the same time reducing our maintenance expenses."

"We are excited to extend our relationship with Vectra and deploy our latest Unified CDN technology in support of their video streaming expansion," said James Brickmeier, CMO and GM of Concurrent's CDN business. "With our ability to stream content over multiple networks simultaneously, Concurrent provides Vectra with a clear path for migrating their core video services to new viewing devices over time and introducing next-generation services like cloud-based digital video recording."

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