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CDN Video Performance Boost for Quickline

CDN VideoCDN video services are more popular than ever thanks to the changing way in which we all consume data online. The rise in services such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video has resulted in huge amounts of data being delivered around the world as global networks deal with this large increase in high definition video data. However, the increase has been so rapid that many video providers are struggling to cope with demand. That’s where content delivery networks come in. CDN providers have developed high quality CDN video technologies that increase the speed at which data is delivered to end users.

The latest TV service provider to accelerate their content delivery with CDN video technologies is Quickline. The Swiss based company will be leveraging the Broadpeak CDN video technology suite to boost their content delivery performance.

CDN Video Technology Benefits

"When launching advanced video services in the multiscreen environment, efficiency and performance are critical in a CDN and video server solution -- given the large number of media assets that are being delivered," said Remond Krebs, CTO at Quickline. "Broadpeak enables us to support a broad range of formats and devices, making it easy to manage the user experience and gain insight into the QoE perceived by end-users. The flexibility and deployment experience that Broadpeak offers make them a solid technology partner for the long term."

"Being involved in the OTT world gives Quickline a competitive edge in the pay-TV marketplace," said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO, Broadpeak. "By supporting live and on-demand content, including cloud PVR, Broadpeak's CDN and server solutions will enable rapid monetisation for Quickline while maintaining an exceptional quality of experience for end-users on whichever screen they choose to use. Broadpeak solutions can scale up to accommodate all services requested by Quickline's users now and in the future."

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