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CDN Video Delivery by Telstra

CDN Video Delivery by TelstraCDN video delivery is increasing in demand thanks to the explosive growth on online video. From video hosting services such as YouTube and Vimeo to only networks such as Netflix, more and more people are accessing high fidelity video online. This is leading to unprecedented strains on global networks, allowing a gap in the market for CDN providers, such as Akamai and Level 3, that offer CDN video delivery services.

The latest company to offer a CDN video delivery service is Telstra, and Australian telecommunications provider. They are launching the Telstra Global Media Network, which relies on the company’s global network of submarine cables, teleports, satellites and broadcast operations spread across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. Given the breadth of their network and technologies, it is set to be a leading CDN video delivery network.

CDN Video Delivery Advantages

"The rapid growth of video-on-demand consumption, particularly in Asia, has triggered a surge in demand for content ... the Telstra Global Media Network was built to empower our customers to swiftly and smartly grasp the incredible opportunity at hand with the rise of demand for content," said Trevor Boal, head of Telstra Broadcast Services.

"With the Telstra Global Media Network, customers can easily book services online and choose the level of support they need, from self-service to dedicated 24/7 monitoring provided by our dedicated Broadcast Operations Centres in Sydney and master control rooms in Hong Kong, London, New York, and Los Angeles."

Continuing to comment on the developments, Boal said, "Global aspirations are key to our future growth. And we are already quite a substantial player in delivery of content in and out of Australia that we do have a focus, and we will continue to invest more in, our global ambitions around delivering content in and out of Asia, from Europe, the UK, and also North America. We work closely with a couple of existing partners already in different parts of the world, and we continue to invest in those partnerships."

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