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CDN Video Delivery Partnership Between SeaChange and Concurrent

CDN video delivery is a very important aspect of website acceleration and content delivery. With many high profile online video services, such as Vimeo and Netflix, racking up a large number of viewers each month and also producing high quality original content, the need for high-speed video delivery and specialist CDN providers is greater than ever.

As part of the drive to improve CDN video delivery performance for their clients, SeaChange International and Concurrent have concurrent cdn video deliverypartnered to supply a joint software and content delivery network based-technology to leading video service providers in North America.

SeaChange is a multiscreen TV software platform that facilitates the delivery of subscriber services to TV set-tops, tablets, smartphones, OTT players and other IP-connected devices. Concurrent, on the other hand, has created a specialised content delivery network that that supports internet-contented devices and TV set-top boxes from a common platform. This CDN video delivery network enables commercial video services to be streamed to users over either fixed line or mobile broadband networks.

CDN Video Delivery Performance Boost

The nature of this CDN video delivery partnership will see SeaChange offering their Adrenalin multiscreen video software to clients alongside Concurrent’s UpShift unified content delivery network solution and object storage. This will enable them to delivery an all in one, high speed CDN video solution to a plethora of different devices across many different network types.

Jay Samit, CEO of SeaChange commented, "Concurrent is an established leader in the video streaming market and our partnership enables more video service providers to take advantage of SeaChange's latest generation of open software platforms in combination with the market's best of breed technologies. We're looking forward to a deployment that produces new value for our joint customer."

Derek Elder, CEO of Concurrent added, "We're excited to be working with SeaChange to deliver an end-to-end multiscreen solution for customers interested in launching IP video services and applications like cloud DVR. Our UpShift CDN solution supports video streaming services to any device from a common software platform, making it an ideal fit for customers who are transitioning their core TV services to IP."

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