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CDN Security Boost for Leading CDN Provider

CDN Security BoostCDN security is an incredibly important aspect for potential content delivery network customers to consider when looking for a high performance CDN provider to deliver their online needs. While CDN performance is of course important, allowing data to be delivered across the world to a diverse array of end users quickly and efficiently, CDN security allows data to be delivered safely without compromise or down time.

One of the most important aspects of CDN security is protection from DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. This form of security breach has become increasingly popular in the past decade as hostile groups look to take down government and corporate websites and involves a huge number of end users making simultaneous requests to access a specific website. The target website, unable to cope with the huge number of requests, then fails.

CDN Security Benefits

As such, many CDN providers are seeking to use CDN security and DDoS mitigation technologies to help secure their customers’ data. DDoS mitigation technologies help provide a huge amount of scaling capacity to stop target servers from becoming overloaded, whilst also protecting against identifiable malicious requests to the site.

It is because of this that a high profile but unnamed CDN provider has decided to leverage Radware to support their content delivery network security infrastructure in what has been described as a multi-million dollar deal. Radware’s CDN security offerings are particular good, offering the highest DDoS protection in the industry with up to 400Gbps of traffic capacity at 330M PPS (packets-per-second).

"Security as a service is a significant revenue stream for this CDN," said Igal Toledano, Vice President of global service contracts for Radware. "An operation of its size requires vigilant and ongoing updates to its security infrastructure.  Radware's security solutions will ensure that the CDN can provide the fastest and highest quality DDoS detection and mitigation to its clients without latency, downtime or slowness."

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