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CDN Providers Limelight to Power StreamSpot

CDN providers are experiencing phenomenal rates of growth at the moment. As more and more companies look to boost their CDN Providers Limelight to Power StreamSpotonline presence with a raft of high performance content delivery network technologies, CDN providers have been facing increasing competition, with more and more providers looking to take advantage of this highly competitive industry.

The biggest beneficiaries of this rush to boost website performance with technologies such as static and dynamic content delivery and load balancing products are CDN providers such as Akamai, CDNetworks and Limelight, who have seen their number of big name clients swell over the past few years.

CDN Providers and High Performance Web Acceleration

Now, Limelight has announced another new customer that is leveraging their content delivery network. That client is StreamSpot, a 100% automated live and on-demand streaming provider serving churches, synagogues and live events. They have cited the CDN providers extensive network and high quality services as the reason for utilising their technology.

“StreamSpot now serves customers and viewers around the globe and we are excited to partner with a global leader in digital content delivery,” said Taron Foxworth, Director of Technology of StreamSpot. “More than a million viewers turn to StreamSpot every month. As that number climbs, Limelight’s stellar reputation and steadfast reliability will facilitate the best possible streaming experience.”

“StreamSpot conducted an extensive selection process to ensure they found the right technology partner to support their massive growth,” said George Vonderhaar, chief sales officer, at Limelight. “Having outgrown their internal CDN they needed a global solution to scale with the growth of their viewer audience and expanding global reach. We are very pleased to have been selected to collaborate with Taron and his team to improve the delivery of Streamspot’s content worldwide.”

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