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CDN provider Yottaa meets NetSuite standards

CDN provider competition is fierce, with many content delivery network providers offering high speed networks and a plethora of CDN provider Yottaa meets NetSuite standardsservices as they vie for increasing numbers of content owners looking to leverage a CDN provider Yottaa for their high speed content delivery needs.

Given this competition, it’s important for a CDN provider to try and stand out from the crowd. It is because of this that CDN provider Yottaa should be particularly pleased to have achieved the “Built for NetSuite; verification.

The Yottaa content delivery network has been built using NetSuite’s SiteCloud computing platform. This platform is used by other CDN providers, however it is implemented with differing levels of success. Because of this, NetSuite have developed the Built for NetSuite programme to ensure that their CDN provider partners develop a service based on the platform that meet their standards and best practices.

CDN Provider Success

“Yottaa has changed the game for web content delivery,

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