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CDN Provider Verizon Partners with Pontis Technologies

CDN Provider Verizon CDN provider developments that benefit customers are taking place at record pace in 2017. From the development of new and exciting high performance content delivery network technologies that boost the speed at which data is delivered around the globe, to partnerships that improve the reach of content delivery network infrastructure, it is set to be a bumper year for end users and CDN providers alike.

Now, the latest companies in the CDN space to partner this year are CDN provider Verizon Digital Media Services and Cloud provider Pontis Technologies. The new partnership will see Verizon provide over-the-top (OTT) and content delivery network services to users across Latin America by integration their Uplynk Video Streaming service and Edgecast Content Delivery Network with the Pontis CloudTV platform. This is a great prospect for internet users in the region, as the CDN provider’s CDN performance will enable TV-like quality streams to be distributed to mobile and connected devices.

CDN Provider Partnership Benefits

"With the newly enhanced Pontis CloudTV platform, broadcasters, networks and content creators in Latin America will now have a simplified option to create and distribute online video," said Ralf Jacob, president of Verizon Digital Media Services. "Just as importantly, they will also have access to the best network -- which we continue to expand internationally across five continents -- to reliably distribute digital media, at scale."

"Working with Verizon Digital Media Services allows us to continue innovating and adding value to our regional deployments, growing our team of professionals in Latin America and now offering a complete portfolio of video cloud services through a unique global CDN and a world leader in video streaming capability," said Leonardo Gioino, president of Pontis Technologies. "The appetite for OTT content continues to flourish within the region, and together with Verizon, we will ensure that this demand can be met -- without compromising quality or cost."

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