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CDN Provider Verizon Expands to New Zealand

CDN Provider Verizon Expands to New ZealandCDN provider expansion is a great way for content delivery network providers to take advantage of new markets and entice new customers into accelerating their data with them. This expansion is most effective in areas of high demand, from both existing markets, such as North America, to emerging markets, like APAC.

It is become more and more commonplace for a CDN provider to expand and provide a presence in Asia Pacific, given the huge amounts of demand coming from that region. Now, CDN provider Verizon is the last company to expand to the area by developing a new point of presence (PoP) in Auckland, New Zealand. This is particularly important and should provide a real boost to New Zealand, given the historical slow internet speeds in the country.

CDN Provider Expansion in New Zealand Benefits

The new PoP will support live video streaming, video-on-demand, application delivery, dynamic content acceleration and security services, allowing customers to have full access to the suite of services offered by the CDN provider.

"Our continued investment in the Asia-Pacific and Oceanic regions ensures that high-quality content, such as online videos, can be delivered with ease to users, worldwide," said Kyle Okamoto, chief network officer for Verizon Digital Media Services. "Megaport is the ideal partner for our expansion in New Zealand, with a strong local presence, strategic network relationships and a robust internet exchange already in place."

"We have enjoyed a long, strategic relationship with Verizon Digital Media Services, partnering successfully all around the world to enable fast, dependable access to content in an on-demand ordering process that can efficiently scale with business needs," said Belle Lajoie, executive vice president Asia Pacific at Megaport. "By localising content delivered through the Edgecast CDN in New Zealand, we are bringing interconnectivity to a new level. The new Verizon PoP is a welcome addition to the country."

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