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CDN Provider Ramp to Partner with HB Communications

CDN Provider Ramp to Partner with HB CommunicationsCDN provider companies must constantly innovate in order entice new customers to join their network and accelerate their data with them. Whether it is through building new points of presence (PoPs) to expand their global networks or through forging new partnerships, a CDN provider must strive to make their CDN performance better than the rest, increasing bandwidth and reducing latency. Furthermore, CDN providers can develop new and exciting services to carve out a niche in the CDN market.

The latest CDN provider to seek to improve their services is Ramp, a leading provider of next-generation eCDN video delivery solutions for large enterprises. They are partnering with HB Communications, a global leader in audio-visual communication technology. This partnership will allow the companies to offer optimised video streaming solutions to their customers.

CDN Provider Partnership Benefits

"As our enterprise customers continue to grow globally, the use of video rises across organizations, increasing the need for better and more intelligent video content distribution systems. Video delivery for live and on-demand has become the single biggest enterprise challenge for most of our customers. Ramp AltitudeCDN™ solutions provide HB Communications' customers with a simple, secured, reliable, manageable, and powerful solution for live and on-demand enterprise video distribution," said Dana Barron, CEO, HB Communications.

"HB has earned a sterling reputation as a trusted advisor who adds tremendous value through best-in-class audiovisual solutions for Global 2000 customers. Through this partnership, our customers can take advantage of HB's expertise and Ramp's technology innovation for the highest quality video experiences in their organisations," said Tom Racca, Ramp CEO.



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