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CDN provider Kollective integrates with Skype Meeting Broadcast

CDN provider demand is at an all time high as more and more companies look to boost their web performance through the use of CDN provider Kollective integrates with Skype Meeting Broadcastcontent delivery networks. By using a CDN provider, websites load more quickly and software downloads with increased speeds for customers all around the globe. And customers have a vast array to choose from, with the CDN provider market being highly competitive.

To succeed, CDN providers must provide new and exciting features to attract customers and encourage integrations. One such CDN provider to attract a big name customer is Kollective. They have developed a Software-Defined Content Delivery Network and the CDN provider has recently announced that they are integrating with Microsoft’s Skype Meeting Broadcast. This partnership will create a seamless experience between Kollective, Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Azure.

CDN Provider Integrations Benefit All

Speaking of the development, Dan Vetras, chief executive officer of Kollective, said “we have seen great interest in the market for Microsoft’s Skype Meeting Broadcast, and we are pleased to enable network scale for our joint customers. Across our own installed base we see the critical need of having an ECDN solution in place to ensure a great user experience across all users regardless of device or location. The enterprise network is becoming more complex by the day, and we are convinced that an SD ECDN is the only way to provide the flexibility enterprises will need to meet their requirements.

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