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CDN Provider Market to be Disrupted by Greta

CDN provider competition in this crowded market is becoming increasingly fierce thanks to the lucrative deals that can be made with large companies looking to boost their online performance.CDN Provider Market to be Disrupted by Greta

Because of this increased competition, CDN provider mainstays of the market, such as Akamai and Level 3, must constantly innovate to provide exciting and new CDN services to help stave off new rivals.

One such rival is Greta, a Sweden-based startup that has attracted a $1.1 million seed round of funding for their new peer-to-peer website acceleration services. The startup has developed technology that calculates the best data delivery route, sending it either via traditional servers, CDN providers or Greta’s own peer-to-peer solution.

CDN Provider Innovations

By allowing data delivery to switch to browser-based P2P delivery without any software, Greta has created a technology that allows data delivery to be optimised in regions where there may be no existing CDN networks, such as the emerging markets of Asia and Africa. This is set to shake up the CDN provider market dramatically.

Speaking of the technology, Anna Ottosson, CEO and co-founder of Greta, explains that “when Greta’s script is added to a site, the site’s traffic will be analysed in real time, and within a few hours Greta will start suggesting site specific actions to improve site performance, such as switching CDN in a specific region, or turning on Greta’s own peer-to-peer solution.”

“Greta’s peer-to-peer solution is based on webRTC and enables peer-to-peer content delivery directly in the browser, meaning that performance issues such as video buffering and slow or crashing sites can be avoided, especially during heavy traffic. Greta will always optimize for providing the end users with the best user experience possible”.

Ottosson adds: “Traditional CDNs are restrained by building physical infrastructure, which Greta is not, meaning that they have to build out their network in order to provide their customers with better performance. The existing CDN infrastructure is heavily concentrated to Western Europe and North America, with very limited infrastructure in regions such as the Middle East and Africa where internet traffic is growing with over 40 per cent year on year”.

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