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CDN Provider Fastly Raises US$75m

CDN provider growth is occurring at a record pace. Given the dramatic rise in demand for online content acceleration, CDN providers need to look for innovative ways to delivery their customers’ data quickly and efficiently.

To do this, a CDN provider must secure funding in order to grow. Fastly, a relatively new CDN provider startup, has been successful in attracting large amounts of funding from investors. Thanks CDN Provider Fastly Raises US$75mto its unique way of delivering data through points of presence that contain servers with high speed solid state drives, their CDN services have proved to be very popular with customers.

The company has only been operating for 4 years, and it has now secured a Series D round of funding worth US$75 million. Led by ICONIQ Capital, this brings their total amount of funding to US$130 million. ICONIQ join Amplify Partners, August Capital, Battery Ventures, IDG Ventures and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, all of whom are existing investors in the CDN provider.

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Speaking about the milestone, Artur Bergman, CEO of Fastly, said that “the lack of innovation by traditional CDNs has frustrated many of our customers by holding back their ability to create faster, secure, and highly personalized user experiences. We are building a better foundation for real-time content delivery across the globe. By expanding our services, we’ll help modern businesses deliver faster, more secure and highly personalized user experiences while reducing operational outlay and business risk.

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