CDN provider CloudFlare selected by INetU

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CDN provider competition is at an all time high. As more and more content delivery network providers enter the crowded CDN CDN provider CloudFlare selected by INetU cdn provider CDN provider CloudFlare selected by INetU Cloudflare logo horizontalprovider market, new and exciting features are developed to help entice CDN customers and allow the provider to stand out from the crowd.

The main reason a company would leverage a CDN provider is to accelerate the loading of the website or delivery of their online content to end users. Thanks to the structure of content delivery networks, they deliver data across high performance networks at high speed. However, another reason to use a CDN provider is to take advantage of the many security optimisations they provider with their packages.

CDN Provider Advantages

The latest company to seek out a high performing and high security CDN provider is INetU. This customer centric cloud company has announced it is partnering with CloudFlare, offering their customers the CDN provider’s leading DDoS and web application firewall technologies.

“The partnership with CloudFlare is exciting for us and our customers on many levels. Not only are we simplifying these services through a single provider, but the result is a solution that can be more cost-effective for INetU customers,

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