CDN provider CacheFly partners with Equinix

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CDN provider partnerships have proven to be very poplar of late. Content delivery network providers have been seeking partnerships with a variety of different companies as they seek to expand their presence and provide their customers with a leading CDN service.

The latest CDN provider to partner with a big name tech company is CacheFly. CacheFly have developed one of the world’s fastestcdn provider cdn provider CDN provider CacheFly partners with Equinix equinix inc logo throughput content delivery networks and provides blistering performance to their customers. They have partnered with Equinix, the world’s largest IBX data centre and colocation provider, in an effort to improve their reach in Australia.

The deal will see CacheFly deploy their services in Equinix’s $60 million ME1 data centre facility in Melbourne. The reason for this development is a high level of projected growth in the region, making it a big target for many CDN providers.

CDN Provider Growth in Australia

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest web acceleration market, after Sydney, and the new development will take CacheFly’s global footprint to 41 points of presence. This number has recently been boosted by developments in Jakarta, Indonesia and La Paz in Bolivia.

“We’re committed to providing the fastest CDN for content providers with Aussie-focused traffic,” said Matt Levine, CTO and founder of CacheFly, whilst speaking of the development. “Adding Melbourne to our existing presence in Australia ensures that end users will receive incomparably faster delivery than with any other CDN.

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