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CDN Provider CacheFly Boost Network with Varnish Plus

CDN provider competition is at an all time high. With so many content delivery network providers operating in this competitive CDN Provider CacheFly Boost Network with Varnish Plusand increasingly important market, it is vital that each CDN provider offers something new and exciting to differentiate their product from their competitors.

It is because of this that many CDN providers develop exciting new services and technology or alternatively partner with leading companies that offer complimentary services that can integrate with their CDN. This second option is what CDN provider CacheFly has opted for, as they partner with Varnish Plus to help boost their network’s scalability.

CDN Provider Benefits

By utilising the Varnish Plus technology, CacheFly can dynamically respond scale to support demand from their growing client base. The features available to the CDN provider include support for massive caches (100TB+), assists of hundreds of HTTP and HTTPS origins, high availability and the ability to easily respond to customer demands by creating custom features and modules within minutes.

Speaking of the developments, Matt Levine, CTO at CacheFly said "CacheFly's big differentiator in the CDN market has always been our ability to deliver the fastest throughput for the fastest customer experience on a worldwide, 24x7 basis. Varnish Plus has allowed CacheFly to continue to be the throughput leader while offering the industry's best SLA, all while also providing the tools to seamlessly add innovative new features in response to customer demand."

"When it needed to scale operations without compromising on its reputation for delivering the fastest throughput in the CDN services industry, CacheFly turned to Varnish Plus," said Per Buer, founder and CTO, Varnish Software. "The ultra-high performance of Varnish Plus is a perfect match for CacheFly's extremely demanding customers."

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