CDN Provider Akamai to Power Nintendo Mobile Gaming

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CDN provider Akamai is no stranger to large content delivery network deals. With customers including Adobe, Airbus, AirBnB, CDN Provider Akamai to Power Nintendo Mobile Gaming CDN Provider CDN Provider Akamai to Power Nintendo Mobile Gaming akamai logothe MetOffice, Microsoft, the NBA, Reebok and SAP, Akamai boost some of the biggest names with an online presence, and rank as world leading CDN provider.

Now, Akamai is proud to announced a new partnership with Nintendo. The CDN provider will be accelerating their foray into the mobile gaming market, ensuring their products are delivered quickly and efficiently to end users. Nintendo picked the CDN provider because of the quality of Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions. They will be using this product as it scales upwards easily when required to deal with the large numbers of users Nintendo are expecting to use their service.

CDN Provider Benefits

“In order to satisfy our customers who support the “Nintendo” brand around the world, we felt it would be necessary to deliver a seamless experience across regions. We chose Akamai in high appreciation of its achievements and its capability of securing the necessary level of quality,” said Mr. Yutaka Takehisa, manager of business development & Liaison group, business development department, business development headquarters of Nintendo.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to support Nintendo, which is a globally recognized brand, in their new business efforts,” said Akamai’s President Shinji Tokunaga. “Mobile is an area that we place particular emphasis on, and Nintendo’s adoption of our solutions is a strong testament to our ability to deliver content seamlessly, and globally, in the gaming industry. Akamai will continue to contribute to our customers’ business by providing faster, reliable and secure Internet solutions.”

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