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CDN performance boost for Vodien

CDN performance is something that CDN providers are always looking to improve. As I discussed in another post I recently wrote, 2014 has been billed by some in the content delivery network industry as the year for expansion in the pursuit of increased CDN performance. This certainly appears to be the case, with big names in the industry announcing plans for expansion, including CloudFlareQwiltSoftLayer and EdgeCast. Now, Vodien has announced that it is the next content delivery network provider in line to expand their network footprint.

Vodien, a web hosting service provider based in Singapore, will be expanding their CDN by developing 15 new points of presence (PoPs) in key cities around the world in a bid to improve their CDN performance. These strategic cities are located across Asia, Europe and the Americas, and include Hong Kong, Batam, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Stockholm, Chicago, Dallas, Ashburn, Atlanta, Miami and Sao Paulo. These new high speed PoPs will supplement Vodien’s current data centres in Singapore, Jakarta, London, Paris, Vienna, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose and Seattle, taking their total number of PoPs to 26.


CDN Performance Benefits

The benefits of these additional PoPs will be clearly felt amongst Vodien’s customers. The increased bandwidth will result in dramatically increased CDN performance, with drastically reduced download times and latency figures as end users are able to access website data from Vodien’s customers at locations much closer to their own. Furthermore, every one of these new PoPs will be a first class edge server with a large amount of headroom left for future expansion. This is a strategic decision, as Vodien expects to create many more PoPs as the demand for online content continues to grow at a rapid rate.


Jim Yang, Vodien’s Infrastructure Manager, was positive about the effects these changes would have on Vodien’s CDN performance, stating that “most of the online audience is not in one singular area, but rather, located everywhere around the world. Vodien’s continuous CDN expansion means that content is delivered to the intended audience from the nearest edge network location faster. Adding more points of presence will support Vodien customers’ websites and allow them to deliver content more efficiently to their audiences.

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