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CDN Performance Boost for SBS

CDN PerformanceCDN performance is a key factor potential content delivery network customers consider when searching for a CDN provider to boost their website performance. By selecting a content delivery network provider with a global network of high speed points of presence (PoPs), customers will benefit from being able to deliver data to their end users at blistering speeds.

Now, the latest company to take advantage of CDN performance is SBS, a TV channel in Australia. They have selected Ericsson to deliver media assets in a ready-for-transmission format.

This isn’t the first high profile deal for Ericsson, who already provide high quality media services for companies around the world including the BBC, Fox, DreamWorks, Sky HBO and BT Sport.

CDN Performance Benefits

"We have designed our media management services to help our clients to streamline their operations," Ericsson head of Broadcast and Media Services, Thorsten Sauer, said. He continued: "flexibility, combined with leading-edge technology and efficient workflows, allows us to create a cost-effective solution tailored to each client."

"This is a fantastic milestone for SBS' Acquired Content Delivery and Technology teams -- transitioning from a manual delivery process to a digitised process when receiving international content," said SBS CTO Noel Leslie. He went on to say, "it gives us a more streamlined and efficient way to aggregate programs for our audience who enjoy watching global content."

"The goal is to accelerate opportunities for media companies through Ericsson's leadership in video processing, mobility, and cloud infrastructure, alongside Intel's advancements in compute, storage, and networking technologies," Ericsson vice president and head of TV and Media Elisabetta Romano said in a blog post with Intel general manager of Visual Cloud Jim Blakley.




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