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CDN Performance Boost for movingimage by Ramp

CDN Performance CDN performance is hugely important for potential content delivery network customers. This is because one of the key reasons companies look to a CDN provider to help accelerate their data is that they desire the highest performance for their end users in order to grow and reach new markets.

This is particularly important for those companies that delivery high definition video online. They need to prioritise CDN performance has HD video requires huge amounts of bandwidth to be delivered efficiently to end users.

As such, the latest company to seek high quality CDN performance is movingimage. They are a leading secure enterprise video platform provider, and they are leveraging the CDN provider Ramp to help boost their performance. They will specifically be integrating their VideoManager Pro service with Ramp’s AltitudeCDN multicasting and caching solutions to eliminate bottlenecks and buffering for users accessing content behind company firewalls.

CDN Performance Benefits

“Corporate intranets can easily be thought of as tiny versions of the global internet. However, limited bandwidth often restricts a company’s ability to stream video throughout the enterprise. By leveraging enterprise content delivery technology from Ramp, customers will be able to enjoy uninterrupted video for CEO webcasts, training and online communications in a secure environment,” said Rainer Zugehoer, founder and CEO, movingimage.

“The increase in demand for superior video technology for employee communication has put a tremendous amount of pressure on corporate IT departments to improve network traffic performance and eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks. By integrating Ramp technology with VideoManager Pro from movingimage, customers will receive unparalleled streaming of live and recorded content across the enterprise,” said Tom Racca, Ramp CEO.

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